Turning your obstacles into engagement assets

Whether you are a community service organization, a non-profit, or ​​a cultural institution, if you have people at the core, we can help you do more, better.

Community Centers

Unlocking local

Offer anything on your website, from collecting donations to hosting afterschool programs, when registration is that simple, be prepared to be constantly sold out

Religious Centers

Believing in the power
of communities

Make your people an active part of community life. Give them the space and get them involved (and not only on weekends)

Parents - Teachers

Reshaping education

Make parents’ involvement simple. Create a true sense of belonging by facilitating a collaborative and resourceful community to support the children and families

Community Service Orgs

Helping you help the community

Promoting a profound change has never been an easy task. By eliminating administration time we’ll enable you and your team to focus on what you’re here to do

Student Organizations

Doing much more
than school

Give your students a space where they can participate, share, initiate, and simply do. Empower them to explore, enjoy their creativity, increase engagement


Reimagining urban

Collaborate, engage with and understand the needs of businesses, residents, and stakeholders in your district. Be the collective voice of your people

Imagine how you want your people to engage.
Make it real.

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