We are reshaping our space.
With people, for people.

Our Mission

Together we are strong

The need to be part of a group is nothing new, it is situated in our very essence as human beings.

The question we wanted to answer is how to make real-life engagement available and easy to help organizations leverage the power of their people to achieve any goal.

From driving economic value and acting sustainably to dispelling loneliness-
together we are strong.

Our Vision

The Eureka Moment

We’ve realized that most organizations are interacting with their audiences using either a designated website, social networks, or instant messaging apps.

The problem was that these solutions are not flexible and not at all designed for optimizing real-life group engagement in a hybrid environment.

We dreamed of taking local communities and organizations and maximizing their full potential by making them economic, independent, strong, and real. And that’s what we did.

Our Values

The Guidelines

Reclaiming data ownership​

By bringing back the data to its rightful owners we reject the absurdity of paying others for what is legitimately ours. Your community, your data.

Impact is done together

Any lasting large-scale change is a consequence of a successful collaboration. That’s how people work, that’s how challenges are overcome.

Co-designing reality

Serving your people and developing solutions is a constant process. We learn from our communities new things every day and use them to improve reality.

We believe in people​

Working with people who are consistently striving to create a better world, we learned that we move forward only because of hope, and never in its absence

Accountability for sustainability​

Accountability for one’s own social and ecological impacts is important for any kind of organization. However, change can only come about if we are willing to go above our responsibility and beyond it.


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