Meet your city's centralized community hub.

One collaborative calendar for all city offerings, payments, registrations, and communications.

Unlocking locality for local governments


Segment residents into highly precise micro-communities. From newcomers to diverse groups, create tailored experiences, ensuring all feel welcome and valued.

local leaders

Empower community leaders by enabling grassroots activities and non-profit initiatives. Expand reach and equip leaders with the tools to create and share

resident experience

Tailor content and community services to match residents’ interests. Personalize communication using preferred channels and languages for a unique experience.

Where all city offerings blend seamlessly on your collaborative space

Unlock the true essence of locality, one that goes far beyond geography.
Invite residents and stakeholders to create and shape a vibrant ecosystem


Keep them always in the know

Designed to simplify participation and keep residents well-informed, our collaborative calendar eliminates residents’ complaints about missing any city events.


Get everyone on the same team

Empower organizations and resident-facing departments to create city events through a central platform for exposure, city permits and collaboration. No competition, no clashes, everything coordinated.


Get to know the people you are working for​

Host all city offerings and receive invaluable data to uncover the different groups within your community. Learn about their preferences and needs and make them real

Our Core Components. Your Core Systems.

Log-in Choices

with caters to diverse preferences, offering flexibility with traditional log-ins, social media authentication, or mobile OTPs for residents’ convenience.

Unified Website Experience

Blend with seamlessly into your website, maintaining brand design for a smooth user experience and seamless navigation integration.

Effortless CRM Integration

Enhance teamwork and customer relations by seamlessly integrating with, automating data entry for efficient and accessible interactions.

Smooth Payment Integration

with effortlessly integrates with diverse payment methods, ensuring a secure, reliable, and seamless transaction process for user trust.

Cultivating Partnerships for Collective Impact

Unleashing the power of communities is
easier than ever. Coming with?