One calendar for everything happening in your community

Our platform harmonizes local events, non-profits and grassroots initiatives, and city services into one comprehensive city calendar, guaranteeing your activities are coordinated and your residents are always in the know

We work for those who work for their community

Enabling people like you to focus on what you came for. Not on paperwork.

Community Centers

Everything you need, right on your community page. From collecting donations to hosting afterschool programs, when registration is that simple, be prepared to be constantly sold out

Religious Centers

Make your people an active part of community life. Give them the space and get them involved (and not only on weekends)

Parents - Teachers

Make parents' involvement simple. Create a true sense of belonging by facilitating a collaborative and resourceful community to support the children and families

Community Service Orgs

Promoting a profound change has never been an easy task. By eliminating administration time we’ll enable you and your team to focus on what you’re here to do

Student Organizations

Give your students a space where they can participate, share, initiate, and simply do. Enjoy their creativity, empower them to explore, and increase engagement


Collaborate, engage with and understand the needs of businesses, residents, and stakeholders in your district. Be the collective voice of your people

Unlocking locality for local governments


Segment residents into highly precise micro-communities. From newcomers to culturally diverse groups, create customized experiences where all feel welcome and valued

local leaders

Empower community leaders by enabling grassroots activities and non-profit initiatives. Expand reach and equip leaders with the tools to create and share

resident experience

Tailor information and community offerings, providing residents with content that matches their interests and previous activity. Personalize by communicating through each resident’s preferred channel & language

Drive action around what matters

Instantly implement our ready-made engagement solutions
to tackle any local challenge

Want to check them all huh?
We get it.

A global solution to create local impact

Unlock the true essence of locality, one that goes far beyond geography.
Invite residents and stakeholders to create and shape a vibrant ecosystem

Community hub for co-creation

Enable all community stakeholders to view, register, and initiate different community offerings, forming a collaborative ecosystem where everyone can find what they need and create what they want

Resident-friendly payment options

Tailored to your community needs, our payment options include family ticketing, recurring subscriptions, paid memberships, coupons, and more. Feel free to flex about your flexible payments

Your community assistant

A smart personal assistant to communicate with residents keeping them always up-to-date about everythings that’s happening in the city. Send automated messages, confirmations, announcements, QR codes, reminders and more

More data, better

Our People Relationship Management utilizes the data from your residents’ activity to unveil micro-communities and leaders within your city to continuously expand your resident base


Unleashing the power of communities is
easier than ever. Coming with?