Lightweight Operating System for Community Leaders

A holistic solution that focuses on those striving to serve their people and cause. Everything you need to increase involvement, analyze preferences, and create impact

We work for those who work for their community

Enabling people like you to focus on what you came for. Not on paperwork.

Community Centers

Everything you need, right on your community page. From collecting donations to hosting afterschool programs, when registration is that simple, be prepared to be constantly sold out

Religious Centers

Make your people an active part of community life. Give them the space and get them involved (and not only on weekends)

Parents - Teachers

Make parents' involvement simple. Create a true sense of belonging by facilitating a collaborative and resourceful community to support the children and families

Community Service Orgs

Promoting a profound change has never been an easy task. By eliminating administration time we’ll enable you and your team to focus on what you’re here to do

Student Organizations

Give your students a space where they can participate, share, initiate, and simply do. Enjoy their creativity, empower them to explore, and increase engagement


Collaborate, engage with and understand the needs of businesses, residents, and stakeholders in your district. Be the collective voice of your people

It’s about time you start​

Using your
data wisely

Have all your community’s data conveniently organized to increase engagement, communicate smartly and identify trends and preferences

your people

Give your whole ecosystem the power to be co-creators within the community. Time to democratize community life

wherever, whenever

Interact with your people on their preferred channels to optimize engagement. Save precious time by using smart automations

Drive action around what matters

Instantly implement our ready-made engagement solutions
to tackle any local challenge

Want to check them all huh?
We get it.

Taking the prespective of the collective

We live in an age of excessive individualism.
To create a real change we need to reshape our space. With the collective, for the collective

Smart payment solutions

Payment processing tool tailored to community needs such as family ticketing, donations & crowdfunding, community points, recurring payments, and more. We got your payments covered.

A space for all stakeholders

Enable all stakeholders and members to view, participate and initiate different types of events and projects. Transform your static website into a collaborative space in which everyone can be an active part of community life. Did anyone say win-win?

Your personal assistant

Our all-year-long ‘Employee of the Month’ will free up your precious time while helping you boost engagement by sending real-time automated messages, confirmations, QR codes, memos, and more.

Collecting the data that
matters to you

Our People Relationship Management collects data from your members’ activity and produces actionable insights. Win relevant data, tracking, and analytics to finally understand your people and make data-based decisions.

Unleashing the power of communities is
easier than ever. Coming with?